Clutha Gold Trail – A journey of discovery

The Clutha Gold Trail will take you on a journey of discovery, offering a unique heritage experience set within diverse and stunning landscapes. Ride or walk alongside the powerful Clutha Mata-au River, through a secluded valley and gorge network and into lush green farmland. Open all year round, the 73km trail will take between two to four days to complete. It is an easy grade trail that is full of variety, from undulating to flat to meandering.

At your own pace – Grade 2 (easy)

You can begin your own journey at any point along the trail and do as much or as little as you like. The four main villages along the way are at Roxburgh, Millers Flat, Beaumont and Lawrence. There is no need to rush to get the most out of this trail; stop to read the information panels along the way with stories that showcase the rich heritage and the adventurous souls who have travelled this path before…… read more

Making a Contribution / Donation

We encourage all trail users to contribute to the maintenance and on-going enhancements of the trail experience, helping ensure these trails are available for generations to come…  read more

Roxburgh Gorge Trail – Discover another world

The Roxburgh Gorge trail is another world. It offers a wilderness experience through the remote and stunning Roxburgh Gorge. The beauty of this magnificent trail is that you can choose what you want to experience, start to finish or just part of it.

Cycle or walk from Alexandra to Doctors Point and then back again, or start from Lake Roxburgh Dam and head upriver to Shingle Creek and return. Experiencing the whole trail, you will enjoy a leisurely boat transfer between Doctors Point and Shingle Creek. Sit back and become immersed in the splendid isolation that is Roxburgh Gorge – another world.

Book your boat transfer

Be sure to book your boat transfer in advance before you begin the trail. For  information, including making a booking, transfer times & costs… click here

Grade 2-3 (intermediate)

Open all year round, the trail is a well-formed 2.5 metre wide gravel surface with some climbs. It will take up to four or five hours to cycle or all day depending on how you choose to experience it…  read more