Trail Updates


Report any unsafe trail issues or damage to Shayne, our trails manager. Contact 021 371 677 or [email protected]

Windy season

Please take care out there, it is our windy season!  We do not recommend being on the trail in high or extreme winds.  If you do come across any issues, please let us know.


Falling trees - all seasons

Both trails often have issues with falling trees or tree branches, especially in high winds or heavy rain. Do your best to stay away from the trails in these conditions.  If you come across a tree down, or a major washout, please negotiate the obstacle carefully if necessary, and call our trail manager promptly if you believe there is a safety hazard.


Beaumont Junction

Our trials do not require you to cycle on the open road on State Highway 8 at all (although you do cross over the road once or twice). The Clutha Gold trail travels under the State Highway 8 bridge at Beaumont, do not travel up the highway.