Trail Updates


Report any unsafe trail issues or damage to Shayne, our trails manager. Contact 021 371 677 or [email protected]

Windy season!!!

Please take care out there, it is our windy season!  We do not recommend being on the trail in high or extreme winds.  If you do come across any issues, please let us know.



Bridges Closed - Between Milton & Waihola 

Notice updated: 6 November 2023

Two of the cycle trail bridges between Milton and Waihola, opposite Calder Stewart, remain closed. Three bridges are now completed, but one still has no decking and one of the largest bridges is not yet in place.  The ground has been too soft and unstable for cranes to be able to lift it in.  This means there is about a 1.5km section of trail that is closed, from the north end of Milton (The 4th bridge), to Circle Hill Road.  Alternative transport is required around this section between Anicich Road and Circle Hill Road.

Those wishing to use the trail from Waihola can do so for 10km only, until you reach Circle Hill Road.  From here there is no safe alternative, so you must either return to Waihola, or be collected by vehicle at this point and transported around this 1.5km section via the state Highway to Anicich Road.

If coming from Lawrence, Waitahuna or Mount Stewart Reserve (The south end of the trail), you can only ride as far as Anicich Road, North of Milton.  You will cross two bridges outside of Milton but from here there is no safe alternative, so you must either return to the point where you started, or be collected by vehicle and transported around this 1.5km section to Circle Hill Road via the state Highway.

DO NOT CYCLE OR WALK ON THIS SECTION OF HIGHWAY!!!  It is an extremely busy and dangerous road with a lot of heavy vehicles!!!

We apologise for the inconvenience!  We will keep this site updated.


All other sections of the trail are open for use.  


Beaumont Road Works

Notice updated: 6 November 2023

The Beaumont Bridge is now complete, however the cycle trail detours are still in place.  There are bike and car traffic management systems in place so please follow the signage carefully. The trail crosses the highway and travels down Weardale Street. You are now able to use the pedestrian walkway on the new bridge. 


Falling Trees - All Seasons

Both trails often have issues with falling trees or tree branches, especially in high winds or heavy rain - Please do your best to stay away from the trails in these conditions.  If you come across a tree down, or a major washout, please negotiate the obstacle carefully if necessary, and call our trail manager promptly if you believe there is a safety hazard.