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The Clutha Gold Trail is well and truly open for business for season 2019-2020.
Update: Saturday 23rd November 2019


UPGRADE: The Trail has been undergoing a winter upgrade and this is now concluded except for a short section of bitumen yet to be sealed when the weather is stable (this is opposite Castledent sheep & beef Station on the Lawrence side of Big Hill tunnel). Some bridges near Lawrence have had the approaches concreted so as to stop scouring in floods. Culverts have been improved and large areas of gravel added where necessary. Retaining walls from Lake Roxburgh to below Millers Flat, approx 50 have been added to the trail hill sides so as to protect from gravel slide which is caused by wind and frost heave.


STORM: A strong wind and rain storm on Wednesday 30th of October created some trail havoc, for instance willow trees blown across trail at Millers Flat and Roxburgh. Of more concern was a major earth slip at Scrubby Hill approximately 6km downstream of Millers Flat (nearly opposite the Black Cat Hotel or Stone House). Fortunately the road runs parallel at this point so cyclists have a alternative route. The trail amazingly was closed for that 3km section for only 6 hours.(We were alerted to the slip on Friday 1st November by a phone call from "Bikeitnow" staff who had clients riding the trail.) By good fortune Clutha Gold Chairman Murray Paterson a Waitahuna farmer was aware that our trail contractor (Jim Wilson of Roxburgh Excavation) was working only 5 minutes away. He contacted Jim who was bringing some machinery back to Roxburgh for the weekend. Jim was able to send a machine and clear that slip and some other smaller ones immediately. A very fortunate turn of events.


TUNNEL: Big Hill Tunnel has a slip from a hole in the roof of about 30cm in diameter. This is approximately 140 meters from Lawrence entrance. (Tunnel length is 440 meters.)   A sea freight container has been strengthened and installed at the slip site with both ends opened. Since installation there has been no more rock spillage. Reflector tapes have been fixed to both ends of container. This may well remain onsite as a safety measure. The tunnel is concrete lined but of the age of 1910. An engineer is in the process of making an assessment of the tunnel strength and we await his final report.

Final report:  Tunnel is sound and secure, leave container in place. Repeat inspection every 5years.



November has been very windy and rain on spring leaves adds to the weight on the crack willows. Two Roxburgh men respond as required. Myself and Colin Turner. On Friday I quad biked from Roxburgh to Millers Flat and cleaned up 6 minor willows causing cyclists to deviate. Colin the week before found several completely blocking. All tidy for now. Friday was severely windy but today no wind. I hope December settles down.




Regards to all for Christmas and a successful New Year of cycling business  


Rod Peirce
Central Otago Clutha Trails Co Ltd. (COC-T)
“The maintenance Company for Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold trails”
027 303 5883

Other Directors roles:

  • Anna Mickell. Queenstown. Owner of Beaumont School Holiday Home. Looks after Marketing/Website development
  • Barrie Wills. Alexandra-Secretary. Looks after Alexandra to Doctors Point Jetty.
  • Rob Roy. Alexandra-Treasurer.
  • Steve Jeffery Chair COCT and Chair Central Otago Queenstown Trails- Looks after trail section Shingle Creek to Lake Roxburgh Dam.
  • Rod Peirce. Roxburgh.
  • Murray Paterson. Waitahuna-Chair Clutha Gold Trail which includes new extension (now fully funded) from Lawrence to Waihola-Looks after Beaumont to Lawrence end.


All Directors step outside their areas as required.