Trail Updates


The Clutha Gold Trail and Roxburgh Gorge Trails are open year-round (subject to any maintenance or flooding closures). 

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Summer (late November - early March)

In summer, daytime temperatures can reach the mid-30s. It’s mostly a dry heat, so ensure you have lots of fluids to drink, a cap or hat and sunscreen.  Daylight hours are long (sun set can be after 10pm) ensuring you see as much of our outstanding scenery as possible.

Autumn (early March - May)

Temperatures can reach the mid-twenties but may drop to just below zero degrees Celsius at night, so expect some frosty mornings. Vibrant autumn reds and golds make it a great time for to experience the trails.

Winter (June - early September)

Though winter days in Central Otago are often frosty and cold, the Clutha Gold and Roxburgh Gorge Trails are still cyclable and stunning.  Snow-capped mountains sparkle against clear skies on these mostly sunny days. While nights can reach below zero degrees Celsius. Take care on shaded areas, as they may become slippery with ice.

Spring (late September - early November)

The weather during Spring is often quite changeable. Spring days can be filled with fine, sunny weather and then a sudden change can bring winds, showers and even the occasional snowfall.  Temperatures range from -3 to 20 degrees Celsius.

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